How to write the perfect CV for software engineer jobs

The software engineer role is one of the most popular in the tech industry. However, with such an appeal to candidates, the competition for these positions can be much fiercer than for other jobs.

One thing you can do to make yourself stand out to recruiters and hiring managers is to create a CV that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. It’s one of the most important documents a job seeker will ever create, so learning what to include for a great resumé is a perfect way to boost your chances of gaining employment.

What is a software engineer?

As technology continues to advance, so does the need for talented software engineers. These professionals are responsible for the design, management and maintenance of software applications and apply engineering principles to build solutions for end users.

That could mean creating and maintaining operating systems, developing computer games, designing applications, or many other paths. In the modern world, these experts work across almost every industry and, as a result, software engineering can prove to be both a challenging and gratifying career option.

What will an employer be looking for in your software engineer CV?

Just like any CV, the main thing recruiters and employers will be looking for is to ensure you would be a good match for the job. This means it’s vital to demonstrate your skills and experience in a way that pairs well with the specific position you are applying for.

So, if you are uploading your CV to a company that needs an engineer with strong Java skills, mould your resumé to list how you’ve used that specific programming language in previous projects.

In IT fields, you might expect hiring managers to focus much more on your technical expertise, but don’t overlook the fact that employers want candidates who can demonstrate key soft skills, such as communication, leadership and interpersonal capabilities.

What skills should you include on your software engineer CV?

Although there are plenty of impressive hard and soft skills you could include on your software engineer CV, certain proficiencies are more highly sought after than others. Here are some common IT capabilities you should consider adding to your resumé.

Cloud and cloud security

The rise of hybrid and remote working patterns has significantly increased the demand for cloud-native development skills and, as such, these skills are looked upon favourably by employers to facilitate agility.


DevOps skills are in high demand, as professionals working in this area boost the efficiency and productivity of their organisations, with increases in recovery times and faster security mitigation.


Research from Zippia revealed that automation is expected to create 58 million jobs in the US by 2030. This trend is prevalent across the globe and as more organisations adopt these processes, it’s vital to demonstrate that you can embrace the new technologies.

Full stack development

This is the end-to-end development of software and applications, including both the front end and back end. Engineers are adept at communicating, programming and management skills, whilst also being responsible for the technologies involved and boosting efficiency.

Tips for creating a great software engineer CV

A fantastic software engineer CV displays a clear narrative of who you are and how you would be a great fit for the job. So, beyond just stating your work experience, a resumé should be tailored to the role you are applying for.

Consider UX

User experience (UX) is an important aspect of writing a solid CV because a hiring manager will be able to recognise a resumé that’s been copied and pasted to multiple jobs. Additionally, some organisations use software to scan your credentials for relevant terms to determine if you should be considered for the vacancy.

The best way to implement positive UX within your CV is by taking the time to properly read and understand the job description. Note the skills and responsibilities the company is looking for and make sure to tailor your resumé to match them.

Pick the best format

If a recruiter is looking at your CV, they are probably looking at many others, too. This means the key information about your skills and experience should be immediately visible and easy to follow.

Avoid choosing design elements that make it more difficult to scan your CV and divide the information into digestible, clear areas, such as skills, education and experience. If you do want to implement some design aspects, consider building an online portfolio to submit alongside your resumé.

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