What makes security cleared IT jobs such a good career opportunity?

Some professionals working in IT may have a security clearance, whilst many others will be looking to gain one to take their careers to the next level. The demand for these positions makes them a very lucrative opportunity for those with the right skills and experiences.

Many roles in this field require experts to work with highly classified information to keep assets and networks safe from cyber attacks. Criminals are constantly finding new ways to access organisations’ classified data, which means the need for competent, security cleared IT professionals is higher than ever before.


What are IT jobs?

The UK is home to one of the most ambitious IT markets in the world, currently ranked second in terms of spending per head. The ongoing and constantly evolving threat posed by cyber crime has forced organisations across every industry to significantly bolster their digital defences. This has led to many IT positions opening up, but a shortage of talented candidates to fill them.

As a result, the job market for professionals with the skills, experiences and security clearances offers plenty of lucrative opportunities to enter the IT sector.


What are the different IT fields?

IT is a broad term, encapsulating a wide array of jobs that involve the implementation, support, maintenance, repair or protection of data or computer systems. Some of the most in-demand positions are:


How hard is it to get an IT job?

Working in IT isn’t reserved for math geniuses. The most important thing is that you’re willing to learn new things and have a strong growth-driven mindset. Additionally, many job listings no longer require candidates to have a university degree. Most positions simply require proof that you can do the job, often through prior experience and certifications.


What are the most high-demand IT skills?

If you’re looking to transition into the IT sector for the first time, one of the best ways to help make your case to employers is by hardening some of the top skills for these roles. Of course, the industry is vast and there are many specific job roles, but some of the proficiencies you should look to develop include:

  • Programming
  • Systems and networks
  • Data analysis
  • Physical, network and software security
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning


How to find IT jobs in the UK

As the IT industry continues to grow with no signs of slowing down, those wanting to move into the sector should be encouraged by a current talent shortage and salary rises to attract more people to open roles. UK tech job vacancies have increased by 50 per cent compared to the market in 2020, with IT engineers and managers some of the most sought-after jobs.


Are IT workers in high demand?

The demand for talented IT professionals is very high. The industry is suffering from a lack of qualified experts and this drought isn’t going away any time soon, either. Although this is a significant problem for organisations within the sector, it spells good news for those looking to break into it

With the demand high, competition for roles is lower and salaries are rising to attract more professionals to the sector. This means that if you can gain security clearances and have an interest in IT, it could be the perfect opportunity to further your career.


How much can you earn working in an IT job?

The tech sector in the UK is growing rapidly to meet the ever-evolving threat of cyber crime. The Digital Economy Council found the industry to be valued at £764 billion, a figure only previously achieved by China and the US.

The salary you can expect to receive as a security cleared IT professional will vary depending on the organisation, location and nature of your specific role. According to Glassdoor, the average salary is just above £41,000 per year.

However, for senior roles, compensation can sit anywhere from £70,000 up to over £200,000 per annum. This makes IT jobs a lucrative prospect for those who possess the right skills, experiences and ability to gain certain levels of security clearances.


How to secure your next IT job

To find the perfect role for you, the best place to look is on a specialised job board, like SecurityClearedJobs.com. You can find positions suited toyour skillset and experience, as well as upload your CV so that recruiters can discoverand reach out to you directly.

Browse our latest IT job vacancies today to find out what recruiters are looking for and the best role to take the next step in your career.