Business Analyst

Gatwick, UK
Salary 50000 - 60000 SALARY
06 Nov 2020
02 Dec 2020
Afsha Sikka
Clearance Level
None / Undisclosed
Job Type
Join us as a Digital Business Analyst in Gatwick (Full-time, Permanent)

The Role

Our Client is currently looking for a Digital Business Analyst to oversee all analysis work undertaken in the CCM 'Back Office' team. The focus in the next 12 months is specifically on rolling out a new customer contact management solution to our client US call centres, with the aim of improving operational efficiency there before continuing global rollout.

On a day-to-day basis, this role will include:

??       Co-ordinating the broader team of analysts

??       Working with the wider product and tech teams to shape research requirements

??       Managing the research pipeline and ensuring timely delivery

??       Providing a figurehead for other BAs to co-ordinate project activities

??       Assembling and compiling findings and presenting feedback

??       Sharing best practice and mentoring other BAs in the business

Technical Competency requirements

???    7+ experience of working as a Digital Business Analyst environment i.e with projects\products setting up.

???    Experience of data and digital information technology systems

???    Experience working in agile projects.

???    An awareness of CX/UX toolkits and processes, including journey mapping, business model

???    A thorough understanding of data analytics tools and platforms

???    Ability to prepare business cases and simple financial models to demonstrate the value of a project/initiative

???    Ability to self-organise and work entirely independently.

???    Experience working on a 'product at scale' e.g. global product, disparate, multiple stakeholders

Behavioural Competency requirements:

???   An awareness of visible leadership

???   Working with ambiguity

???   Inspiring others and culture change

???   A working knowledge of credible action, collaboration, influencing, conflict resolution, resilience and innovation

???  Effective communication skills


Typical Role Responsibilities

1.     Understanding strategic imperatives: It all starts with an understanding of what your organization???s strategic imperatives are about. This allows you to bring the strategy down to actionable initiatives and provides clarity into the outcomes we???re trying to achieve.

2.     Understanding the customer experience: Understanding the customer and the challenges they face (using tools such as Customer Journey Maps) allow you to take that outside in approach and create solutions your customers need, want, and love.

3.     Embrace agility: Embracing agility goes beyond the frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban and includes an understanding of Lean mindset and practices. We can harness the power of Agile and Lean thinking to bring about change.

4.     Continuous stakeholder collaboration: While stakeholder engagement is core to business analysis in any environment, engagement activities need to be continuous in a digital environment. The evolutionary and experimental approach with Agile and digital will require frequent feedback and conversations with stakeholders.

5.     Strategic use of data: One way to enable better collaboration with stakeholders and understand customers is through data. Using data analytics to interpret that data and better understand our customers allows us to build better solutions. It also allows us to take an evidence-based approach to decision making.

6.     Understand technology: You don???t need to understand technology, understanding technology will allow you to find new ways of working and new capabilities for your organization. You need to be able to work with business leaders and help them understand what is possible.

7.     Embrace product management: As Business Analysts, we need to understand how to work with Product Owners and sometimes serve as a proxy for the Product Owner. We need to be accountable for the outcomes resulting from our products and establish a deep understanding of our customer and their needs.

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