AdatP-36 FFT Software Developer

Approx daily rates in Euros: 400.00-600.00 per day
24 Sep 2020
22 Oct 2020
Clearance Level
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The  consultancy  support  for  this  work  requires  a  software  developer  and  an  experienced  writer  of  information exchange specification and standards with the following qualifications: 
1.The candidate has relevant and recent experience in the Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) domain. 
2.The  candidate  has  relevant  and  recent  experience  in  the  writing  and  redaction  of  NATO  Information Exchange Specification (IES) and NATO communication standards. 
3.The  candidate  has  relevant  experience  in  system  and  software  design  and  development  of  Graphical User Interface using Java, JavaScript and schematron/XSLT. 
4.The  candidate  has  experience  in  using  development  tools  (e.g.  Maven,  Jira,  TestRail)  and  methodologies (e.g. Agile). 
5.The candidate has experience in documenting source code and design, online help. 
6.The candidate is able to speak and write fluent English since the work is conducted in English 
7.The  candidate  has  a  NATO  SECRET  security  clearance,  provided  by  the  national  security  organization valid at the time of submission of the bid covering the period of the requirement. 
8.The candidate must have the nationality of one of the NATO nations. 

Practical experience in the following areas is also desired: 
1.The  candidate  has  relevant  and  recent  experience  in  implementing  and  testing  TCP  based  communication protocols. 
2.The candidate has relevant and recent experience in documenting communication protocols and in redacting NATO standardization documents. 
3.The candidate has relevant and recent experience in working with a software development team. Duties, schedule and practical arrangements Under  the  direction/guidance  of  a  technical  lead  the software developer/technical writer will develop and maintain the NATO ADatP-36 Friendly Force Tracking standard and will design and Friendly Force Tracking software modules (FFT). 

The software developer/technical writer will perform the following activities:     
*Edit/redact  the  ADatP-36(A)(2)  standard  analysing  and  incorporating,  where  needed,  the  received national comments. 
*Edit/redact initial draft of the ADatP-36(B) standard. 
*Develop/test the ADatP-36(A)(2) and ADatP-36(B) FFT automated business rules (schematron/XSLT)  

The contractor may also be requested to provide ad-hoc FFT tools support. 

If interested please send latest word Cv and availability. Thanks

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