Geospatial Data Preparation

Clearance required: SC/NS

Skills Knowledge and Experience: 
-Formal degree on a University Level or equivalent in Cartography or in related Geospatial Sciences 
-At least 5 years of experience with various map projections and datums 
-At least 5 years of experience with raster data processing
-Solid knowledge of at least 1 Geospatial raster data processing software in use in NATO 
-Proven experience (5+ years) in workflow design and execution of advanced techniques to process a wide range of geospatial input data
-Familiarity (3+ years) with classification techniques of change detection and automated vector extraction 
-At least 7 years of experience with vector data processing using ArcGIS 
-At least 5 years of experience in advanced annotation and representations management in ArcGIS Software.
-At least 5 years of experience of combining various sources of geospatial data into cartographic map production workflows including execution 
-At least 5 years of experience in quality control and assurance (QC/QA) 
-At least 5 years of experience with QC/QA documentation 
-Strong expertise (5+ years) in topographic map specifications 
-At least 5 years of experience with workflow design 
-At least 5 years of experience with professional workflow design documentation 
-At least 3 years of experience in topographic map finishing 
-Very strong database maintenance and documentation skills
-Highly motivated to work in an international team of experts 
-Fluent in Business English

The Geospatial Support Branch (GSB) team requires the support of one on-site contractor for advanced geospatial data preparation and quality control, covering the following activities: 
*Raster data assessment.
*Advanced Raster data processing and monitoring of processing workflow.
*Advanced Vector data processing, including complex Annotations and representations, and monitoring of processing workflow.
*Quality control of intermediate and final raster and vector products. 
*Design of custom projections with custom parameters.
*Conversion of a wide range of raster data to different formats and standards.
*Incorporation of various geospatial data into map production workflow.
*Workflow development of cartographic map and chart production.
*Production of map series and individual charts.
*Capture of quality control parameters.
*Design of quality assurance methods and quality control mechanisms. 

Close coordination of all activities with the NCI Agency Project Manager (PM) as well as strict adherence to agreed timelines is mandatory.  


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