Crime Scene Investigator

Blaenau Gwent
£24813 - £26535
24 May 2017
21 Jun 2017
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TITLE OF POST:                         Crime Scene Investigator

AREA:                                                Joint Scientific Investigations Unit

RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Regional Forensic Operations Manager

ROLE PURPOSE:                           Examination of Crime Scenes and other incidents


1 x 37 hours

1 x 18.5 hours                   


To visit and examine crime scenes, suspected crime scenes, or other incidents and collect, record and preserve anything that is or may be of an evidential nature and value.

  • To examine scenes of crime, record, collect and preserve evidence, including working with certain chemicals and light sources for the development of marks and the recovery of other evidential materials including footwear, DNA and other trace evidence
  • To attend scenes of fatalities and post mortem examinations for the purpose of collecting evidential material that may include fingerprint elimination recovery from cadavers
  • To record evidence and scenes photographically and by use of  digital video equipment.
  • To accurately record crime scene examinations and any material recovered, by completing both reports namely FCR 50 a and b documentation and where necessary produce sketches/ diagrams. To undertake responsibility for the integrity, continuity and storage of exhibits.
  • To prepare statements and reports and if requested attend court to give evidence.
  • To give talks to internal and external groups on CSI matters and to assist or undertake the mentoring of new personnel during their training period.
  •  To advise officers and police staff members on forensic matters including external forensic service providers and partnership providers, CPS etc
  • To fingerprint / photograph / video persons for record / elimination purposes and cadavers for identification, including obtaining elimination fingerprint and DNA samples where required.
  • To conduct and screen suspects for explosive / firearm residue in line with major crime investigations
  • To carry out the necessary cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and equipment in the Joint Scientific Investigations / CSI units.
  • To ensure the work meets recognised and required quality standards in providing a service to internal and external clients of the department.
  • Attend briefings following a major and serious incident in order to brief officers or external partners and agencies on all aspects of forensic evidence found at the crime scene and its significance in relation to the particular incident
  • To maintain and ensure that a safe working environment exists for themselves and other staff in accordance with the Gwent Police Policy Statement on Health and Safety at Work that includes statutory obligations around reporting safety issues, faults, accidents etc.
  • To fully participate in the Performance Development Review System and/ or any other management development programme for the role..
  • To promote and adhere to Gwent Police’s Equal Opportunities Policy to support the development of a diverse workforce.

Special Circumstances:

  • Gwent Police is a non-smoking organisation
  • All potential staff to Gwent Police must display the qualities to be able to work in an organisation with minority groups and provide a service to minority groups in communities. They must show that they are able to contribute to an open, fair working environment where inappropriate behaviour is not permitted. They must display no evidence of the likelihood to contribute in any way to workplace bullying or sexist or racist behaviour.
  • The post holder may find some aspects of the work emotionally demanding
  • Must be willing to undertake training as required both internally and externally
  • Applicants will be expected to undertake on call/standby cover on a regular basis throughout the force and the region.

Note: This role profile is provided to give a broad outline of the job activities of this post.   It must be remembered that you carry out duties to assist other areas of policing as and when required by the exigencies of duty.


Regional Forensic Operations Manger


CSI Supervisor


CSI’s, ACSI’s & VCSI’s


Job Specific Criteria Areas


Application Form / Certificate

Must have passed COP Stage I CSI training programme

Must have specialist knowledge and practical experience in the forensic examination of both volume and major/serious crime scenes

Must have successfully completed COP CSI Stage 2 course or willing and able to attend and successfully complete this course



Must be IT literate, to be able to use in force and regional database system’s (Socrates/Niche and in force / regional control systems).

Must be able to provide written record of a scene investigation and give presentations on scenes of crime matters

Must be competent in the production of evidence relating to an examination and to giving evidence in court

Must demonstrate 2 years practical evidence and experience relating to major and serious crime related incidents  


Must be IT literate in Microsoft Office packages.

Must have knowledge of force systems, or the ability to develop knowledge, including SOCRATES and NICHE system and its usage

Must demonstrate practical experience of working within the crime scene investigation field of both volume and major/serious crime

Must have the ability and experience to mentor and support ACSI and VCSI’s through training and development plans

Must have knowledge of photography.

Serving the Public


Demonstrates a real belief in public service, focusing on what matters to the public and will best serve their interests. 

Understands the expectations, changing needs and concerns of different communities, and strives to address them.

Builds public confidence by talking with people in local communities to explore their viewpoints and break down barriers between them and the police.

Understands the impact and benefits of policing for different communities, and identifies the best way to deliver services to them.


Works in partnership with other agencies to deliver the best possible overall service to the public.

Openness to Change

Positive about change, adapting rapidly to different ways of working and putting effort into making them work. 

Flexible and open to alternative approaches to solving problems. 

Finds better, more cost-effective ways to do things, making suggestions for change and putting forward ideas for improvement.

Takes an innovative and creative approach to solving problems. 

Service Delivery

Understands the organisation's objectives and priorities, and how own work fits into these.

Plans and organises tasks effectively, taking a structured and methodical approach to achieving outcomes.

Manages multiple tasks effectively by thinking things through in advance, prioritising and managing time well.

Focuses on the outcomes to be achieved, working quickly and accurately and seeking guidance when appropriate.


Acts with integrity, in line with the values and ethical standards of the Police Service.

Takes ownership for resolving problems, demonstrating courage and resilience in dealing with difficult and potentially volatile situations. 

Acts on own initiative to address issues, showing a strong work ethic and demonstrating extra effort when required.

Upholds professional standards, acting honestly and ethically, and challenges unprofessional conduct or discriminatory behaviour. 

Asks for and acts on feedback, learning from experience and developing own professional skills and knowledge. 

Remains calm and professional under pressure, defusing conflict and being prepared to step forward and take control when required.

Decision Making

Gathers, verifies and assesses all appropriate and available information to gain an accurate understanding of situations.

Considers a range of possible options before making clear, timely, justifiable decisions.  Reviews decisions in the light of new information and changing circumstances. 

Balances risks, costs and benefits, thinking about the wider impact of decisions.

Exercises discretion and applies professional judgement, ensuring actions and decisions are proportionate and in the public interest.


Working with Others

Works co-operatively with others to get things done, willingly giving help and support to colleagues.

Is approachable, developing positive working relationships.

Explains things well, focusing on the key points and talking to people using language they understand. 

Listens carefully and asks questions to clarify understanding, expressing own views positively and constructively. 

Persuades people by stressing the benefits of a particular approach, keeps them informed of progress and manages their expectations. 

Is courteous, polite and considerate, showing empathy and compassion. 

Deals with people as individuals and addresses their specific needs and concerns. 

Treats people with respect and dignity, dealing with them fairly and without prejudice regardless of their background or circumstances.



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