Supply Chain Manager

South Wales
14 Mar 2017
11 Apr 2017
William James
Clearance Level
Job Type
Supply Chain Business Manager
South Wales

The Supply Chain Management Business Manager will be the Cost Account Manager (CAM) for the Supply Chain Management team and will report to the Head of Supply Chain Management.


*Review and assessment of Control Account work scope, technical requirements, schedule objectives and constraints, and budget objectives.
*Development or refinement of detail planning for the Control Account, including
oIdentification and assessment of Control Account risks.
oDefinition of detailed schedule activities.
oIdentification of logic relationships and constraints between activities.
oDevelopment of resource estimates and associated budget targets for each activity.
oDevelopment of activity durations based upon work content and available resources.
oDefinition of work and Planning Packages.
oDevelopment of a detailed plan that:
Includes all of the work scope of the Control Account.
Represents an achievable schedule.
Is consistent with available resources.
Recognises logic constraints.
Reflects planning for risk mitigation efforts, as authorised.
Identifies an earned value technique for each Work Package that is consistent with the character of the work.
As appropriate, defines and documents milestones, or work units that will be used to report earned value progress.
*Assessment and reporting of Control Account performance, including:
oReporting completions of schedule activities and Work Packages.
oReporting status of in-process schedule activities and Work Packages.
oForecasting completion dates for in-progress work and any starts or completions of future efforts that may be different than the baseline plan.
oMonitoring risk events that have been previously identified.
oAnalysing any Control Account level schedule or cost variance that is "significant" as per the defined guidelines
oDeveloping an analysis of any variance that may not meet the guidelines for significance, but which is of concern to the CAM.
*Implementing and monitoring corrective actions developed in response to variances identified.
*Evaluating the availability of resources required by the forecast and the potential impact on the ability to accomplish the work of the CA.
*Conducting routine rolling wave planning actions.


*Proven practical application of risk management.
*Demonstrable knowledge of financial management techniques.
*Confident approach to work content scope management.

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