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Senior Test Engineer

We are looking for a senior test engineer to work for our client in Leeds for initial 6 months contract duration, the ideal candidate will be required to perform the following.

Technical Skills

  • Understands SDLC methods and processes within agile methodologies
  • Understands web technologies, techniques and practices
  • Understands client server interactions
  • An awareness of performance, stability and / or stress testing.
  • Experience or understanding of testing APIs
  • Ability to navigate using the command line in Unix environments
  • Ability to interrogate log files
  • Can manipulate databases
  • Familiar with virtualisation and VM's
  • Keeping up to date with technical/professional developments
  • Understands how mobile apps work
  • Awareness of test automation and why we automate

Influential Communicator

  • Ability to communicate effectively with others - You will play a vital role ensuring quality and challenging / discussing issues, risks with Business Owners, Business Analysts and Software Engineers, Dev-ops.
  • Stays thoughtful and calm while handling objections
  • Frames complex or difficult issues when communicating with others to create clear choices or recommendations
  • Builds relationships with team members

Analysis, Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Good analytical skills to think about the requirement from users/testers perspective, to verify it and also to test it in adverse scenarios.
  • Ability to communicate with business owners to assess requirements
  • Analyses a range of available testing options to select the appropriate approach
  • Deals with ambiguity and conflict
  • Applies judgement, where there is no single correct answer

Testing Skills

  • Displays the testing mind set, inquisitive, curious
  • Independent thinker - Freestyle thinking
  • Understands the testing process
  • Captures meaningful information whilst testing
  • Reports the output of testing

Strategy, Creativity and Innovation

  • Is able to apply models and concepts to a given problem
  • Understands business situations
  • Decomposes problems and understands the impact
  • Applies different approaches to testing
  • Defines test missions
  • Utilises tools and techniques (boundary analysis, equivalence partitioning)
  • Is able to test in an agile environment
  • Transfers effective methods or ideas seen elsewhere to enhance own work environment

Senior Competencies

  • Able to stand in for line manager when required
  • Able to evaluate, implement and share new ideas from outside of the team/org
  • Actively shares knowledge and mentors other team members
  • Takes initiative and actively seeks to solve testing problems
  • Identify test debt and advocate for the resolution when competing against other project pressures
  • A general understanding of our wider system architecture and how this affects testing, and how and where we conduct our testing
  • Owns new challenges and can form teams and acquire the resources required
  • Test planning, planning time, resources and people resources across project lifecycle
  • Embraces change and is able to sell it to the rest of the team
  • Knows own limitations, can admit mistakes and can apologise
  • An understanding of the bigger picture, how the project may affect other areas
  • Be responsible for liaising on testing issues with the wider business and third parties
  • Keeps calm under pressure, is able to juggle changing demands and reprioritise accordingly

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