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  • What to do if you've decided policing isn't for you

    • 15 Jun 2022

    Are you looking to leave the police force to try something new? Here's how you can make your next career move a success.

  • What recruiters are looking for in ex-police applicants

    • 13 Jun 2022

    Understanding what skills and experiences recruiters value will be very helpful when looking for a new job after leaving the police.

  • Staying connected - what options are there for ex-officers to remain involved with policing?

    • 6 Jun 2022

    What options are available for former police officers who want to remain close to law enforcement after leaving uniform?

  • Networking: What you need to know when leaving the police

    • 25 Apr 2022

    How can you forge good connections to help find the right careers when leaving the police?

  • 6 sectors keen to hire ex-police officers

    • 12 Apr 2022

    What sectors could be a good fit for people searching for security cleared jobs after leaving the police?

  • Understanding NPPV - what you need to know

    • 2 Nov 2021

    What will you need to know about NPPV clearances when applying for jobs with the police?

  • Can you gain security clearance with a caution or criminal conviction?

    • 14 Sep 2021

    Many people may assume a criminal conviction or caution will disqualify them from roles requiring security clearance - but this is not necessarily the case.