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  • Why electronics engineering jobs are a great choice for ex-forces personnel

    • 11 Oct 2022

    Why are employers especially keen on ex-forces personnel when looking to recruit for electronics engineering jobs?

  • How can ex-forces personnel create the most compelling CV?

    • 26 May 2022

    Creating a CV can be difficult for people who've spent their entire career in the military. Here are some key tips to set you on the right path.

  • Careers in government: What can they offer to army leavers?

    • 19 May 2022

    Anyone leaving the armed forces may find they are a great fit for a role in various government departments.

  • 5 places you can find careers help when leaving the armed forces

    • 13 May 2022

    You’re not alone when you take the first step onto Civvy Street, so read on to find out more about support available.

  • Why a security cleared IT role could be a great choice for former services personnel

    • 28 Mar 2022

    The IT industry has a lot to offer veterans after they leave the armed forces, and it could be an excellent career, especially for anyone with a security clearance.

  • 7 transferable skills ex-forces personnel can use in security cleared jobs

    • 21 Mar 2022

    While many of the skills you gain in the military might seem useless in a civilian role, there are some that have a clear, transferable use.

  • Why should ex-forces personnel consider security cleared roles?

    • 14 Mar 2022

    A security-cleared role could be perfect for ex-services personnel looking for a new career. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this option.

  • Selling yourself: How ex-forces personnel can stand out in the jobs market

    • 28 Feb 2022

    After leaving the armed forces, you will need to stand out in the job market in order to enter a civilian career. Here’s our advice for doing so.

  • Making the move to civvy street as seamless as possible

    • 7 Feb 2022

    Leaving the armed forces comes with a range of challenges, but what can you do to make the transition into the civilian workforce easier?

  • Sector focus: Why the energy industry could be a great choice for ex-forces personnel

    • 23 Nov 2021

    Why could the energy sector be a good career option for professionals leaving the armed forces?

  • The importance of openness in your security clearance application

    • 27 Oct 2021

    Openness and honesty are an essential part of the security clearance process. What do you need to disclose?

  • Sector focus: What the FM industry can gain from veterans

    • 21 Sep 2021

    New research has highlighted the facilities management sector as especially suited to people leaving the armed forces.