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  • John Le Carre 'gives spies a bad name'

    • 9 Oct 2019

    One former head of MI6 doesn't like an author's representation of the intelligence agency.

  • UK and US to join Defender Europe 2020 exercises

    • 9 Oct 2019

    Defender Europe 2020 will ensure NATO troops are prepared for any combat eventuality.

  • MI5 evidence into Manchester bombing to be kept secret

    • 18 Sep 2019

    Some evidence concerning the 2017 terror attack in Manchester will not be presented to the public.

  • Govt apologises for 'inadvertent' arms sales to Saudi Arabia

    • 18 Sep 2019

    Liz Truss has apologised for approving arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

  • MoD publishes plans for defence technology

    • 11 Sep 2019

    Technology could become a key part of keeping the nation safe, the MoD believes.

  • British forces continue to support beleaguered Bahamas

    • 11 Sep 2019

    Ships from the Royal Navy are providing humanitarian support in The Bahamas.

  • Tourist history project showcases wartime evacuation plans for MI5

    • 2 Sep 2019

    MI5 would have been forcibly relocated to Wales should the Nazis have invaded Britain in the Second World War, tourists will be told.

  • New TV drama to lift lid on SAS secrets

    • 20 Aug 2019

    TV viewers will be able to gain an insight into the SAS soon.

  • First steel cut for new warship HMS Cardiff

    • 20 Aug 2019

    Work has begun in the newest of the Royal Navy's Type 26 frigates.

  • UN Security Council predicts further wave of terror attacks

    • 7 Aug 2019

    There are fears more violent terror attacks could take place again before this year is out.

  • Armed forces continue fight to stabilise High Peak dam

    • 7 Aug 2019

    The RAF and the Army have been called to the Derbyshire town of Whaley Bridge to help protect it from the millions of gallons of water poised above it.

  • Britain to join major new peacekeeping mission in Mali

    • 7 Aug 2019

    More troops are heading to Mali as part of peacekeeping operations.

  • Three are looking for a Technical Risk and Compliance Lead:

    • 7 Aug 2019

    A new security mission has been announced in which Britain will play a key role.

  • Chinooks to stay in Mali

    • 16 Jul 2019

    Three of Britain's Chinooks will be staying in Mali, it has been revealed.

  • MoD develops revolutionary laser and radio weapons

    • 12 Jul 2019

    The MOD's new laser and radio weapons will ensure the Armed Forces remain at the cutting edge of technology.

  • MoD's use of biometrics 'should be properly regulated'

    • 3 Jul 2019

    Biometrics need better governance, one expert has warned.

  • MI5: Britain still one of world's safest countries

    • 3 Jul 2019

    The UK is still a safe place to be, an MI5 officer has said.

  • Angela McLean to become first female chief scientific adviser

    • 1 Jul 2019

    The first female chief scientific adviser has been appointed by the MoD.

  • F-35 completes first military mission

    • 1 Jul 2019

    The Lightning F-35 has taken part in its first real military activity.

  • FTSE 250 companies 'leaving themselves exposed to cyber attack'

    • 19 Jun 2019

    Despite their prowess in business, FTSE 250 companies might not be skilled in digital protection.