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  • Prince Harry to relinquish military appointments

    • 21 Jan 2020

    In order to leave the public eye, Prince Harry must also leave his roles in the military.

  • New anti-terror laws coming 'within weeks'

    • 21 Jan 2020

    A new bill is to get tougher on terrorists.

  • MI6 left red-faced after HQ plans were lost

    • 7 Jan 2020

    MI6 could have to make some design changes to prevent safety being compromised.

  • UK urges Iraq to keep British troops in place

    • 7 Jan 2020

    British troops are playing a vital peacekeeping role in Iraq, Boris Johnson has reminded his Iraqi counterpart.

  • New army recruitment campaign focuses on self-confidence

    • 6 Jan 2020

    The Ministry of Defence wants young recruits to focus on confidence for a lifetime, not short-lived boosts.

  • Former army major becomes minister for defence procurement

    • 18 Dec 2019

    James Heappey is the new minister for defence procurement, it has been announced.

  • Lightnings launch from UK waters for first time

    • 18 Dec 2019

    The F-35B fighter jet has successfully taken off from HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth.

  • Police make free anti-terror training available to public

    • 18 Dec 2019

    An online anti-terror course could be useful for anyone this Christmas.

  • New London Fire Brigade Commissioner is ex-army captain

    • 18 Dec 2019

    Ex-army captain Andy Roe has been named the new London Fire Brigade commissioner.

  • Army starts using app to boost recruitment

    • 4 Dec 2019

    TikTok is being used to promote life in the army, it has emerged.

  • MI5 to begin urgent inquiry into London Bridge attacker

    • 4 Dec 2019

    MI5 will review its policies following a terror attack last week.

  • Are SAS soldiers being trained with ballet?

    • 22 Nov 2019

    A report has emerged suggesting the SAS is using unusual physical training techniques for its toughest troops.

  • Defence Transition Service to provide support for armed forces leavers

    • 22 Nov 2019

    Defence secretary Ben Wallace has revealed a new initiative for those leaving service in the armed forces.

  • NATO marks 20 years in Kosovo

    • 22 Nov 2019

    Two decades have passed, but NATO is still keeping the peace in Kosovo.

  • Report shows reduction in terror deaths worldwide

    • 22 Nov 2019

    Deaths that occur as a result of terrorism seem to be decreasing, a study has shown.

  • Former Chief of Defence Staff: We had no idea Berlin Wall would fall

    • 6 Nov 2019

    Even those high up in the military did not anticipate the Berlin Wall's demise, it seems.

  • Tribunal reveals MI5 agents are allowed to commit crimes

    • 6 Nov 2019

    Fascinating new information has emerged on what MI5 agents are permitted to engage in.

  • IRA 'had plans to attack English power stations'

    • 30 Oct 2019

    The IRA wanted to take out power supplies in parts of England in the 1990s, an insider has said.

  • F-35 Lightning jets join with HMS Queen Elizabeth for first time

    • 16 Oct 2019

    Lightning jets have been carrying out manoeuvres on the HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time.

  • Britain 'could face influx of jihadists'

    • 16 Oct 2019

    Britain needs to get tough on terror suspects, an expert has said.