Why senior software engineer jobs are perfect for security cleared professionals

Published on: 2 Dec 2022

Security cleared jobs span all industries and offer truly exciting and varied careers. However, obtaining the certifications in the first place can be a lengthy endeavour. Professionals who already have a clearance, or at least the ability to gain one, are heavily favoured by recruiters and employers alike.

You might wonder how you can use your certifications and any skills that come with them. Luckily, there are plenty of career choices that demand security clearances. If you already have them before even applying, you will naturally stand out from the crowd.

One area that is particularly beneficial to individuals with security clearances is software engineering. Below, we’ll be looking at what makes this field so appealing and why having such certifications is beneficial in the first place.

Why would senior software engineers need a security clearance?
The answer to this question is fairly simple. Many businesses deal with highly sensitive and confidential projects, systems, programmes and information. Consequently, their employees have to obtain certain security clearances before gaining access to such data.

For senior software engineers, the demand is even more pressing. Most of their time is spent managing various teams and working on an array of different projects. As a result, the chance of needing a certain level of security clearance is significantly higher.


What makes software engineering a good career?
A vast amount of opportunities within the software engineering field make it a very appealing career choice, but that isn’t the only reason it’s such a good option. It’s a standout industry against almost any metric; salary, job satisfaction, and volume of openings - just to name a few.

The question remains, why should security cleared professionals be looking towards software engineering? On top of the general perks and benefits of working in the sector, it’s a field that has a very high demand for professionals and an above-average number of roles which require particular clearance levels or certifications.

This means that individuals with the ability to gain such clearances are often preferred over the rest of the applicants. Essentially, your market value is more than civilians and, in software engineering, that gap is significantly more lucrative than in other sectors. If you’re going for a senior position, it’s even more likely that your credentials will be demanded, so it’s safe to say you’ll have an edge over the competition.

It’s not all about money, though. Senior software engineers have brilliant job security and generally report a fruitful work-life balance, with many companies offering bonuses in the form of stock options, free gym memberships, the opportunity to work remotely and unlimited paid time off. If you enjoy the idea of working with a broad spectrum of teams, both technical and non-technical, but have a flair for programming and problem-solving, this is the perfect career for you.

How can you find security cleared senior software engineer jobs?
The majority of job listings will outline exactly what type and level of security clearance they want applicants to possess. As a rule of thumb, the more advanced the level required, the longer your application process will take. Naturally, if your CV already displays those security clearances, you’re one step ahead of the other applicants and in a great position to land your new role.

Not sure where to start looking? Specialised job boards like SecurityClearedJobs.com are the best way to get your CV out to potential employers and recruiters can get directly in contact with you. 

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