Why security cleared IT jobs are in such high demand

Published on: 7 Sep 2021

If you work in IT, you may be thinking about getting security clearance in order to progress your career to the next level. Alternatively, you could already have clearance due to a previous role, such as if you're leaving the armed forces and are looking to make the most of this status.

Either way, security cleared IT jobs are in high demand, so working with highly-sensitive data to protect networks from the growing number of cyber attacks could be your next career move. With the right skills and experience, such roles could be highly lucrative.

Rise in demand

There used to be a limited number of sectors where security clearance was required, but this group is growing. Ranging from having a Basic Check (BC) right through to a Counter Terrorism Check (CTC) or Security Check (SC), more firms need this extra level of protection.

Add into the mix the fact that so many companies conduct essential processes in digital formats and appropriate IT professionals are all the more necessary. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, so too is the need for the right defences to ensure highly-sensitive data is not breached.

Great opportunities

While government departments are a clear source of security cleared IT jobs, there are also lucrative opportunities in the private sector. Developers, project managers and those competent with Java, Oracle, Cisco and J2EE can combine these skills with their clearance status to offer an attractive package to potential employers.

The types of IT roles you could get with your security clearance include:

Chief information security officer (CISO)

In this role you can expect to be a senior-level executive with wide-reaching responsibilities that ensure technologies and assets are protected. Your salary will match the importance of the role and many CISOs get additional bonuses.

Head of cyber security

From cyber risk management to policy development, heads of cyber security must have leadership skills and the ability to manage forward planning. While internal information security is the priority in this role, all cyber threats must be considered.

Information security manager

Providing protection against cyber crime in all its forms, the information security manager will be responsible for preventing security breaches to computers, networks and data. A comprehensive understanding of security tools, infrastructure, platforms and methodologies is paramount.

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