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Why do senior software engineers earn such a high salary?

Published on: 20 Sep 2023

A senior software engineer is a highly skilled IT professional who owns the development and design of software for numerous devices and applications to maximise efficiency.

These experts are adept at using programming languages and operating systems, but also conduct research and implement their ideas into functional software for organisations. Additionally, engineers constantly analyse and maintain current software.

It’s safe to say that software engineers play a vital role in the modern world. Billions of physical devices are connected to the internet, constantly sharing information as businesses become increasingly reliant on technology.

The role of a senior software engineer is well suited to individuals who possess the ability to hold certain security clearances. This is because many organisations deal with confidential projects, systems and programmes, meaning employees need to be highly trustworthy.

Moreover, senior software engineers benefit from impressive salaries, largely due to an industry-wide supply and demand issue. Within the IT sector, firms are struggling to fill roles with talented professionals and, as such, now could be the perfect time to start looking for your next position.


What do senior software engineers do?

Senior software engineers don’t earn high salaries just because businesses are struggling to find them. They deliver huge value to firms and offer impressive output compared to other positions.


The basics

Unsurprisingly, a senior software engineer will be proficient in the skills required from a junior or mid-level position. Unlike those employees, however, the senior professional will demonstrate a higher level of understanding and efficiency, excelling in soft skills like problem-solving, organisation and communication.



Becoming a senior software engineer isn’t just a case of spending a certain amount of years on the job. In fact, these industry experts are sought after for the impact they make within organisations.

Whether that’s owning the design of complex software, taking end-to-end responsibility for a specific project or demonstrating an affinity for their career by helping other teams, it takes more than time to earn the ‘senior’ title.



Despite being an expert when it comes to the hard skills of a software engineer, senior professionals must elicit enthusiasm from their teams and inspire people to constantly improve.

A senior software engineer is responsible for clearly outlining what teams need to work on, the goals they should achieve and what they need to do to get there. This also means communicating with other senior leaders and decision-makers to suggest ways to improve the organisation as a whole.


Exceptional technical skills

The best way to prove you have what it takes to become a senior software engineer is through problem-solving, identifying patterns and applying them when coding. So, it’s safe to say that technical skills are essential. Here are some of the most important you should master:

  • Software development, project management and scripting
  • Programming languages, especially popular ones like Python, Java and C++
  • Relational databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL databases, like MongoDB
  • Operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Frameworks and architectures

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