What to expect from a security cleared careers fair

Published on: 29 Nov 2021

If you're approaching the end of a career in the armed forces or the police, your focus might have turned to the potential job opportunities available to you as you take your next steps in life.

You can get answers to some of the questions currently on your mind at a security cleared careers fair

Why sign up for a security cleared careers fair?

Attending an event like the Security Cleared Expo is the best way to find out more about the types of careers available to people with security clearance.

During your time in uniformed service - whether it was in the military, the police or another organisation - you will have acquired a range of skills that could make you a valuable asset to future employers.

At a security cleared careers fair, you can engage directly with groups and individuals that are looking for the qualities and accreditations you're able to offer.

Another compelling reason to attend one of these events is to get more information and advice from a range of speakers. Exhibitors present talks promoting the development pathways, experiences and training they offer, which will give you a clearer idea of the direction your career could go in after your time in the armed forces or the police.

What kinds of firms exhibit at these events?

A wide range of organisations value the sorts of skills and experience people gain during careers in uniformed services.

Your existing capabilities, as well as any security clearances you already hold, could put you in a strong position to work with a defence contractor or in central government, for example.

Private businesses in sectors such as cyber security, communications, utilities and infrastructure also frequently show demand for people with a police or armed forces background.

Exhibitors at the Security Cleared Expo in Bristol on April 28th 2022 will include:

  • BT
  • CGI
  • Counter Terrorism Policing
  • Fujitsu
  • Raytheon

Why is this a better option than a regular careers fair?

Unlike regular job fairs, security cleared careers events are aimed at individuals who are security cleared to DV, SC, CTC, NATO or NPPV levels, as well as those who have been vetted in the past or believe they meet clearance criteria.

Your background in uniformed service means you have a unique range of qualities and experience, but you're also likely to have specific ideas about the future roles you're interested in and the sort of organisation you want to work for.

It makes sense, therefore, to attend an event that caters specifically to your interests, strengths and ambitions.

Find out more about the Security Cleared Expo.