What to expect during a DV interview

Published on: 3 Sep 2021

Developed Vetting (DV) is among the most common high-level security clearances you can obtain in the UK and has the potential to open up a lucrative career. In order to perform to your highest ability during the interview for such a clearance, it’s a good idea to be prepared and understand what to expect from the process.

Things to remember

You can expect your DV interview to last between two and three hours, depending on the amount of information you need to get across. Remember that it’s a collaborative process and while it can feel exposing, the aim is for you to give as much information as possible to provide reassurance you’ll pose no risk and achieve your DV clearance.

How to prepare for a DV interview

Preparing for your DV interview isn’t like prepping for a job interview or an exam, as you won’t be asked questions you need to remember the answers too. Instead, all of the information will be about yourself, your circumstances and your wider life and experience. So, the best thing you can do in advance is ready yourself to be as open as possible.

Which documents to take with you

Criminal and credit checks will already have been carried out by the vetting officer prior to your interview, and they will get in touch with your references separately. There are, however, two main types of documents you’ll be expected to bring with you: proof of identity and the financial records of you and your spouse or partner, if you have one.

Your proof of identity may be:

  • A passport or driver’s licence
  • Birth certificate or adoption certificate
  • Evidence of a change of name or marriage certificate
  • Decree absolute or nisi
  • Utility bills or official letter

Financial records can include:

  • Bank statements from the last three months
  • Credit card statements from the last three months
  • Statements of any loans
  • Details of your mortgage
  • Payslips
  • Information on savings
  • Details of any unexplained finances

What questions will be asked?

You can expect to be asked wide-reaching and in-depth questions on the path to getting a security cleared career, so don’t be surprised by the scope of the vetting officer’s probing. You’ll be asked about your childhood and family background, as well as past and present relationships, which will likely include sexual activity.

Your financial history and affairs will be scrutinised, including any debts. These will not be an issue as long as they’re disclosed and you’re in control of the repayments. While you do not have to express your party affiliation, you can expect to be asked about your political activity and any history of drug use.

Finally, the vetting officer will want details of any foreign travel you have undertaken and what you do in your spare time as hobbies. While some of these questions may seem irrelevant, they will help to build up a clear picture of who you are and expose any potential risks in terms of security clearance.

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