UN Security Council predicts further wave of terror attacks

The United Nations Security Council has predicted that a lull in the number of recent terror attacks could be over by the end of the year, with a new wave of incidents possible.

A new report was compiled based on information from the intelligence agencies of its member states, which goes into detail on the threat from Islamic extremism.

It warns that although the so-called Caliphate the terror group Islamic State (IS) created has been eradicated, many of the underlying factors that resulted in its creation still exist.

Furthermore, around 30,000 people who travelled to Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East to fight with IS may still be alive and could therefore pose a future threat.

"Some may join Al-Qaeda or other terrorist brands that may emerge. Some will become leaders or radicalisers," the report said, adding that the threat to Europe "remains high".

It concluded more violence may take place before the end of this year, potentially in "unexpected places".

Earlier this year, it was revealed that MI5 is hunting what it called 'crocodile cells' of IS that may be plotting attacks in the UK.

This came after intelligence agencies found the ringleader of the massacres in Sri Lanka was trained by the British terrorist referred to as Jihadi John.

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