UKCloud and VMware partner to meet the public sector demand for remote working

UKCloud have revealed their decision to continue working closely with VMware in helping to respond in demand from the public sector for remote working setups since the Coronavirus outbreak.

The public sector-focused infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider has achieved VMware Cloud Verified Status, which means it is certified to serve up an assortment of the virtualisation giant’s off-premise services from its datacentres.

UKCloud’s partnership with VMware dates back to 2011, has recently come into its own in recent weeks, as part of the firm’s response to the rapidly changing IT requirements of public sector organisations during the pandemic. 

In a statement, UKCloud said ‘The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent need to enforce social distancing in response to the lockdown has triggered a real drive across the UK public sector to shift from traditional channels to digital channels in order to enable citizens, businesses and public sector staff to access public services and securely share data from remote locations.’

Whilst public sector organisations have rushed to ensure their IT setups they have in place to enable remote working are sufficient to meet their needs in the immediate short term, many are also keen to ensure they will be “safe, compliant and sustainable” for long term use as well, the company said.

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