Sector focus: What the FM industry can gain from veterans

Published on: 21 Sep 2021

Deciding on your next career move after leaving the armed forces can feel daunting, but it can be useful to see which path other ex-forces personnel have taken. Facilities management (FM) has been seen as a good fit for the skills honed during service and new research from Mitie reinforces this idea.

Benefits of FM roles for veterans

Mitie’s study started with the premise that 50 per cent of veterans find it a challenge to get work after leaving the military. In response, 84 per cent of managers in the FM sector said veterans are often found to have the skills required for this type of work.

Moving into an area that has been found to match up in this way is a sensible route to take when leaving the forces and looking to transition to a different way of life. With other ex-forces personnel working in the sector, new recruits can benefit from a culture they understand.

Employers must ensure they have the support and training in place to help veterans fill in any of the gaps in their knowledge, if they’re to take advantage of the skills ex-service personnel offer. Mitie’s ‘Mobilising veterans in the facilities management industry’ study discovered 21 per cent of FM workers who have come from the forces find employee networks helpful and 18 per cent appreciate having a mentor.

Skills required for careers in FM

Among the skills often displayed in veterans and highlighted by Mitie as being useful for FM were reliability, aptitude at performing under pressure and professionalism. While these disciplines are definitely taught in the forces, there are a number of other skills you’re likely to have acquired during your service that will be useful too. These include:

  • Good organisational skills
  • Strong leadership
  • Teamworking
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Clear communication

Some FM roles can lead to security cleared careers, which is an extra incentive for ex-forces personnel who are used to working in such an environment.

Are FM jobs popular with veterans?

Some 77 per cent of veterans surveyed for the Mitie research said they’d recommend the FM sector to other personnel leaving the armed forces. In fact, 29 per cent of veterans found their FM roles due to an endorsement from somebody they already knew in the sector.

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