Peek behind the scenes at GCHQ on Instagram

Members of the public can gain insight into the life of an intelligence officer for the first time after GCHQ joined Instagram.

The top secret organisation became the first UK intelligence agency to join Twitter at @GCHQ in January 2016, racking up more than 75,000 followers so far. It has retained the @GCHQ handle for its Instagram outlet too.

Ironically, the first post on GCHQ’s Instagram is a shot of a ‘no photography’ sign on a fence outside its Benhall base. 

‘Well this is going to be interesting,’ reads the message accompanying its debut Instagram post. ‘Follow us for a glimpse into our secret world!’

With GCHQ celebrating its centenary year in 2019, the organisation says it is more keen than ever to dispel some of the myths surrounding life as an employee at the agency.

A GCHQ spokesperson said: “We hope our Instagram channel will encourage talented people to consider working with us at GCHQ to help keep the country safe.

“You'll not only learn about our work to stay one step ahead of those wishing to do us harm, but also get a glimpse at our hobbies, clubs and coffee shops.”

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