MoD publishes plans for defence technology

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published details of how it intends to incorporate new and emerging technology into the transformation of its military capabilities.

Its Defence Technology Framework and Defence Innovation Priorities document lays out thorough assessments of the areas with the greatest potential for improving defence strategies in Britain in the coming years.

For example, the report looks at areas including artificial intelligence, advanced materials, energy storage, 3D printers, space tracking, cyber defence and automated logistics.

Five priority areas have also been outlined as prime for collaboration with the civil sector, with a focus on how people with the necessary skills and experience can be recruited by the MoD.

Defence secretary Ben Wallace said: "Our transformed approach to using and procuring technology will not only help us secure our military advantage, but will help drive prosperity and create jobs across the country."

The MoD refreshed its Defence Industrial Policy in December 2017 to outline its plans to sustain 'an internationally competitive, innovative and secure defence industry in the UK'. 

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