MoD develops revolutionary laser and radio weapons

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced it is developing new laser and radio-powered weapons that it says could revolutionise the battlefield of the future.

Known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), they are powered only by electricity and do not need ammunition, meaning they could be fuelled by the engine or generator of a vehicle.

This would reduce operating costs and make for greater flexibility when used on the frontline.

When fired, the laser weapons deploy high energy light beams to target enemy missiles, while the radio frequency guns can disrupt and disable computer systems and electronics.

The MoD said it is in the process of developing three DEW demonstrators in a bid to accelerate the adoption of the technology, but it is expected it could be trialled on Royal Navy and Army vehicles in 2023.

Defence secretary Penny Mordaunt said: "This significant investment demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our Armed Forces operate at the forefront of military technology."

The MoD now has 30 years' experience in radio frequency DEW and is widely viewed as a world leader in the technology.

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