MI5: Britain still one of world's safest countries

An MI5 officer has urged Britons not to worry about the threat from terrorism, insisting the UK is one of the safest countries in the world.

The serving member of staff was talking in an interview with BBC Radio 4's Analysis programme after being given permission to do so by director-general Sir Andrew Parker. This marks the first time an 'on the record' interview has ever been given by a serving MI5 officer.

During the conversation, the interviewee - given the false name David - said the public does not need to "constantly worry" about terror attacks and should leave the intelligence agencies to "carry the burden of concern".

Nevertheless, David admitted this would be "no consolation" to the relatives who have already lost loved ones in atrocities - and revealed he often ends his working day worried he has made a wrong decision that could have serious repercussions.

The news comes after Sir Andrew himself wrote an article for the London Evening Standard detailing the "startling" risk posed by Islamist extremists.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary has also warned the "tempo" of terrorism appears to be increasing, with security services having foiled 19 attacks in the last two years.

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