HMS Montrose participates in Korean surveillance mission

The Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose has been participating in a surveillance mission during which it found tankers smuggling fuel into North Korea.

Fuel restrictions have been imposed on the Asian country since it carried out nuclear and ballistic tests in 2017, but evidence has now been collected by the navy of vessels attempting to get around them.

Among the illegal activities the Type 23 Frigate recorded were spoofing - where ships take the identity of other vessels carrying out unrelated activities - and broadcasting false positions.

HMS Montrose spent ten days in the East China Sea working on the mission with the US, Japan and South Korea and has now passed its data to the United Nations, which described the activity as a "rampant" and significant violation of sanctions.

According to Forces Network, a similar operation was carried out last year by the Royal Navy's HMS Sutherland which resulted in at least once ship being delisted for breaking regulations.

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