HMS Albion leads pioneering new training exercise

One of the Royal Navy's biggest assault ships has been leading a training exercise designed to help Britain and its allies prepare for potential threats in the Baltic region.

HMS Albion is guiding ships from nine different nations under the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) in Exercise Baltic Protector, which involves some 3,000 personnel, Forces Today reports.

The training exercise is one of the largest since the First World War and Commander of Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade Brigadier Matt Jackson said it is about testing everyone's ability to "work together in the event of any crisis". 

It will also give the Royal Marines an opportunity to work on their amphibious capabilities including helicopter raids and parachute drops, alongside Danish and Norwegian troops.

More training will follow over the coming weeks as the JEF continues to participate in Operation Cabrit.

HMS Albion is one of the Royal Navy's two amphibious assault ships and has been described as a 'Swiss Army Knife' thanks to its versatility in carrying everything from troops to emergency supplies.

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