British forces continue to support beleaguered Bahamas

Forces from the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) have been continuing to support the islands of The Bahamas after the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian last week.

RFA Mounts Bay, together with the Department of International Development and a Foreign Office consular team, has been providing life-saving aid and delivering supplies since September 1st.

Altogether, the UK has committed £1.5 million towards relief efforts, with RFA Mounts Bay the first ship to provide assistance from any nation.

Now, she is departing the Caribbean region to refill supplies and refuel ahead of a return in anticipation of further weather systems.

HMS Protector has also been working tirelessly in The Bahamas and will soon deliver a further 23 tonnes of aid for distribution to its people.

The RFA delivers worldwide logistic and operational support to Royal Navy military operations and is frequently called upon during disasters such as this.

At least 43 people have been killed as a result of Hurricane Dorian, with thousands more forcibly evacuated.

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