Brexit must not be a barrier to European security, says GCHQ boss

Brexit must not get in the way of how intelligence information is shared between NATO member states, GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming has said.

After meeting with the NATO secretary general, deputy secretary general and ambassadors, Mr Fleming released a statement stressing the importance that the UK and EU Member States continue to work together to ensure they all stay secure in the future.

“We're leaving the EU but not Europe,” he wrote. “And after Brexit, the UK will continue to work with the EU and the EU Member States.

Mr Fleming emphasised Britain’s strong relationships with intelligence and security agencies across Europe, helping disrupt terrorist operations in at least four European countries in the past year.

“Those relationships, and our ability to work together, save lives,” he went on. “That will continue after Brexit, for the benefit of the UK and for Europe.”

He signed off by reflecting on how much Britain and other European countries had benefited from working together on its collective security and how he looked forward to working with European and NATO partners on ensuring that level of security continues.

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