BAE Systems shows off upgraded tank

BAE Systems has unveiled Black Night - a working example of its vision for the proposed upgrade of the British Army’s Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

The prototype earned its name due to its enhanced night-fighting ability, which is made possible thanks to two independent night vision systems, allowing a gunner to focus on one target while the commander identifies other targets simultaneously.

Other proposed upgrades include laser and missile-based protection systems, thermal imaging technology, and regenerative power sourcing.

Created at BAE Systems’ combat vehicles hub in the West Midlands, Black Night integrates an active protection system, thermal imaging technology and new equipment that allows the crew can identify an enemy, target and engage more quickly.

Simon Jackson, campaign leader for Team Challenger 2 at BAE Systems, believes Black Night pushes the boundaries of combat vehicle design.

“We are providing the bulk of this upgrade from home soil, however, we have chosen the best defence companies from around the world to collaborate with also, including names from Canada, France and Germany who bring unique skills and proven technology,” he commented.

“The British Army has our commitment that we will deliver the most capable upgrade possible, and the best value for money.”

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