5 skills ex-forces personnel can offer government employers

Published on: 18 Aug 2021

If you’re leaving the armed forces and looking for your next career move, one of the 25 departments of the government could be your next step. From the Home Office to the Ministry of Defence, there are plenty of opportunities for personnel with security clearance.

But if you’re wondering why government employers would be looking to offer jobs for ex-service personnel, there’s a number of skills you’ll have developed throughout your service that set you apart.

1. Teamwork

If there’s one thing your time in the forces will have taught you it’s teamwork. Taking responsibility for your actions and understanding how they will affect your comrades can be a matter of life and death in a warzone and your ability to work with others will be a prized skill in your next role.

2. Communications

It takes clear communication to get a job done and whether you were used to leading or following in the military, you’ll have honed your commanding and active listening skills. These are sought after in civilian life and can help you to resolve all sorts of conflict outside of the combat zone. If you’ve picked up a language while on active service, all the better.

3. Organisational skills

Keeping people, materials, tasks and plans all organised at the same time is a regular occurrence in the armed forces, making everyday organisation a breeze for ex-service personnel. Keeping on top of deadlines and being able to locate documents, information or figures easily can save businesses time and money, so be sure to put your military-grade organisational skills on your CV when looking for an ex-army career.

4. Professionalism

Presenting a professional image in everything you do is something both your bosses in the forces and those in the government will value. Professionalism comes in many forms, from the way you maintain your appearance to how you conduct yourself and the ideals you embody. The integrity nurtured in the military is a transferable skill you will find useful in a government department.

5. Problem solving

From logistical challenges to tactical obstacles, ex-service personnel often have extensive experience in problem solving in some of the most demanding situations. The government can use out-of-the-box thinkers who can keep calm under pressure to look at scenarios in a number of ways until the right solution is found.

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